Anonimo Imhof 8-days 15 Jewels Swiss Wind-up Table Clock Brass Silver Dial - 1960s

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Introducing a stunning piece of vintage design, the 1960s Imhof 8-day 15 jewels.Silver dial with star indexes. Swiss wind-up table clock. Crafted in a mid-century modern style, this clock features a brass case with elegant beveled glass. Imhof, a Swiss company founded in 1875, was known for producing high-quality and precision timepieces. Imhof, a maker regarded as "the Rolls Royce of table clocks". This particular clock boasts 15 jewels in its movement, a feature that was considered a mark of exceptional craftsmanship and precision in the time it was made. It also has an 8-day winding capacity, meaning it can run for 8 days before needing to be wound again. Not only the clock is stunning, but it also runs smoothly and subtly without making loud noise, it's a perfect addition to any space where a high-quality timepiece is desired but with a low noise level, such as a bedroom. Their reputation for craftsmanship and attention to detail is evident in this clock also serves as a beautiful decorative piece. Perfect for collectors of vintage design or anyone looking to add a touch of elegance to their home Measures cm 16.00 x cm 17.00 x cm 6.00. General good condition and spots as pics. No box no papers. 100 % Original.

Stato orologio: Buono
Categoria: Altro
Marca: Anonimo
Modello: Altro
Prezzo: € 666
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